Buy/Lease With LIANG Commercial

Our Commercial Specialists Help With Your Business or Commercial Property Purchase and Lease

  • Find you a right business or commercial property – we have a network of many listings that are not on the open market.
  • Free evaluation for buyers/tenants on businesses and properties with our in-depth and professional market knowledge to protect you from overpaying.
  • Identify potentials, future values and hidden values of a business and/or property to maximize your profit.
  • Negotiate a deal that is most beneficial to you.
  • Assist you with due diligence, regulatory approvals, commercial financing, environmental assessment, appraisal, and property inspection, etc.
  • Our commercial specialists assist with financial analysis and investment return of business and commercial properties.


Tenants Representation - New Lease and Lease Renewal

  • New Locations - We find the right location for your business and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.
  • Existing Location - We provide lease renewal/restructure/relief and free lease rate surveys; we negotiate with landlords to acheive the best lease rates and incentives, including free rent, leasehold improvement, etc.


Business and Commercial Financing

    • Business Only: Approximately 70% of cash on purchase price is required - over 50% of cash for a business loan + inventory (no financing) + rent deposit + 3 months of business expenses + lawyer fees. Source of funds include cash on hand, line of credit, home refinancing, family help, business partners, and business loan (50% or less).
    • Business With Property: 35% to 45% down payment is required for a commercial mortgage. Seller may offer financing with 25% to 35% down payment.
    • Commercial Property: 20% to 35% down payment depending on the type of commercial property, property income, and buyer financials. For land, over 50% down payment is required.


To purchase a business or property, or lease a commercial space, please submit Buyer/Tenant form.