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LIANG Commercial Hotel & Motel Team’s mission is to be the single strategic advisors to our clients for the provision of hotel, motel, hospitality and leisure-focused real estate services. Our synchronized approach to marketing helps clients realize their investment goals by matching owner and buyer clients with unprecedented speed and efficiency. LIANG Commercial also works closely with a large number of foreign cash buyers/investors from Toronto and Vancouver who have key interest to invest in Alberta and British hotel and motel market. Our professionals have devoted their careers to the lodging sector and have a proven track record of over-achieving results, including the sale and financing of some of Canada’s most notable hotels and resorts.

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Please contact Bruce Liang, President, M.Sc, P.Eng, at (403) 606-0112 or by email for a free evaluation and consultation.

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For buyer/tenant and listing inquiry, please contact one of our Hotel & Motel specialists with listing number. 

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